Careless and fraudant services by DIGI1 Kharghar (Snehanjali Retail Pvt Ltd)

Pathetic and shocking experience is been experienced from Digi1 Kharghar (Snehanjali Retail Pvt Ltd)
1) I purchased AC on 28/3/17 with a commitment if 1 day installation.( Cutout is been displayed in Kharghar outlet).
2) my wife and me followed up 2 -3 times to get the update why same is not been delivered.finally we came to know that due to negligence of sales staff details were not uploaded in system due to which process of installing AC not initiated.
3) CRM demanded invoice copy in WhatsApp ( you don’t have system to get the invoice).
4) CRM Ashwin confirmed installation on 7/4/17 when we approached dealership to take back the AC unit which is lying in my house.he requested to put a SMS to mr Shetty in morning to followup installation.
7/4/17 when I contacted CRM I came to know that mr Shetty is sending his technician for installation at 11 am.i awaited for him finally when directly contacted with the tech he confirmed that he is busy and it will be not be possible today.After followups from my side and Mr Ashwin finally tech came.
5) technician charged 1600 rs apart from Rs 500 mentioned in invoice for installation.
6)On 9/4/2017 when I switched On the AC found that the AC blower is not working.
7) On 10/4/17 i contacted Mr Ashwin with the AC blower complaint.When technician came he confirmed that the blower is not working and same need to be taken up with dealership as part like motherboard must be failed.I got surprised how can a AC worth Rs36000 fails in 3 days.
8) on 10/4/17 i visited showroom to get the refund against the defective AC sold by Digi1 at Kharghar.Before leaving I contacted Mr Ashwin that I am coming to take my money back.To my surprise he left the dealership with a excuse that he has urgent personal work.
9) I spoken with Mr Santosh (cluster manager) and narrated the entire incident to him.Also confirmed that after this series of bitter incident s with Digi 1 I want my paid money back and the garbage box which they sold under the name of AC need to be removed immediately from my house.
10)I even confirmed that I want my entire money back Rs32000 paid at dealership + Rs 1600 paid to tech for installation.
11)On 11/4/15 Manager at store called me for replacement of the faulty unit.same was denied from my end as my issue was not limited to product but also the poor services experienced by me.
Now your team is forcing me on replacement of AC instead of refunding money which is not acceptable from end.
I need my full money back.I paid amount for AC not for dustbin.Also there is no acknowledgement from your customer care ID against the mail sent.
Apurv Jain
Careless and fraudant services by DIGI1 Kharghar (Snehanjali Retail Pvt Ltd)
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