Flipkart – Regarding a Problem with new Mobile (Redmi Note 4, 4GB, 64MB) and refusing replacement from Flipkart

Hi Team

I have purchased Redmi note-4 mobile from Flipkart online shopping and I ordered the product on 22-02-2017 & Order Id- OD308460034854547000 and I have received aProduct on 27-02-2017.

When I checking the mobile, the MIC is not working properly .So I have raised the return request (Return ID: 1020856535659327101) to Flip kart within return policy period of 10 Days.

Flipkart assigned an Engineer to check the mobile based on my return request having any problem. The Engineer Who checked the mobile and he did the functional test. He captured problem in service call report and he was shared customer copy to me as a receipt.

I checked the status of my return request for the respective order ID(OD308460034854547000), And I am surprised that Flipkart has cancelled my return request without any information to me. Again I have placed the return request (Return ID: 1010853752356975552) on 06-03-2017 and also I have spoken to flipkart customer service person and I asked the reason for Cancellation of my return request ID -1020856535659327101.

As per the Flipkart update, there is no issue in mobile and they are asking me to check with service centre . But service call report by Flipkart service engineer stating that there is a issue in the mobile. There is Controversy between Flipkart Engineer report and the flipkart customer service team update.

Further to have a call with flipkart team for this issue and they have asked the soft copy of report to check the report update and the same has been shared to cs@flipkart.com.

Flipkart backend team promised it will resolve 24 hours, today my return request again cancelled without any information (Return ID: 1010853752356975552).

I am looking for positive approach for this issue of my mobile replacement.

Please find the Order Id details and return request details.

Order ID: OD308460034854547000
Product :Mobile Redmi Note 4 (4GB, 64 GB Gold )

Return Request ID:
Return ID: 1010853752356975552
Return ID: 1020856535659327101

Company Name:Flipkart

Mail us:

Flipkart Internet Private Limited,
Ozone Manay Tech Park,
#56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor,
Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 560068,
Karnataka, India.

Call us:

We’re available 24 hours a day.
(0124) 6150000 or 1800 208 9898

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